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Rails of Heritage




The Alberni Pacific Railway began operating along the Industrial Waterfront of Port Alberni in 1984 after the restoration of the Two-Spot Steam Locomotive. In 1996, the No. 7, a 1929 Baldwin 2-8-2ST Steam Locomotive took over the reigns as Two-Spot was put to rest. The No. 7 began its 6-mile trek in 2001 bringing passengers up to McLean Mill National Historic Site until 2018. In 2004, the No. 7 became the last scheduled logging steam locomotive in North America after hauling a load of logs off the slopes of the beaufort range on a contract job. In 2018, three boiler tubes reuptured, causing the then 89 year old locomotive to be put out of service for the remainder of the summer. Since then, volunteer boilermakers rebuilt the interrior of the boiler allowing it to get certified once again in July 2021.

The Alberni Pacific Railway has been operated since 1984 by the Western Vancouver Island Industrial Heritage Society, a non-profit organization dedicated to restoration, maintenance, display and operation of vintage trucks, trains and machinery.

The Alberni Pacific Railway is a heritage railway founded in 1984 in Port Alberni, BC. Home to the #7 Baldwin steam locomotive, it originally served the lumber export markets of Port Alberni and now serves as a historical and educational attraction still located in the Alberni Valley.

Conductor Kevin Hunter rides the platform of a passenger car on the Alberni Pacific Railway


 Hear What Our Visitors Say

We had a very enjoyable train ride up to a logging camp. A great outing with children


I hope they get all the funding they deserve. These men are doing a great service to everyone on the island by trying to keep these old beauties alive and running. Everyone should take a look and see the kind of work they're doing


Take a ride or just take a look - very interesting experience. "Must do" for railway fans.


More on the Western Vancouver Island Industrial Heritage Society

Visit our societies website for more information on restoration projects, volunteer opportunities, general information and more!

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